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Ingenious cable construction and design make ASU cable lower cost

ASU CABLE is the domestic abbreviation. This self-supporting single-cased aerial optical cable, whose full Portuguese name is Aéreos Auto-Sustentados Tubo único, began to emerge in South America in 2016. Due to its simple structure, novel design, high cost performance and convenient construction, it has been widely used in America, Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions.

Just like the butterfly optical cable designed in Japan, the design concept of ASU optical cable also subtly combines the advantages of layered optical cable and central tube optical cable, and combines the two into one. The core idea of ​​the optical cable design is to use two rigid FRPs and a single loose tube to mix and twist, and the three-in-one steady-state twisting unit includes both the tensile element and the optical unit. Due to the existence of a certain pitch when twisting, the bendability of the optical cable is ensured. The fiber optic cable breaks through the existing standard and adopts a smaller outer sheath thickness, which makes the product lighter and suitable for self-supporting overhead use.



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