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Why Should We Do Fluke Test

Users expect their Ethernet network cabling to work perfectly, but some users are likely to cut the corners and skip the cable testing process during installation, which can make them fail to find out the cable issues, directly resulting in network downtime. This problem can be avoided by adopting professional testers (such as Fluke network testers) to help locate faults quickly.

Fluke testers have great capabilities when it comes to troubleshooting cable, all while maintaining a higher grade of accuracy. It can not only graphically display failures including crosstalk, return loss and shield faults, but also analyze the test results and deliver a professional Fluke test report. Besides, Fluke testers will allow you to track and archive your test results for future reference. Having data to reference is especially important, as the same network may be tested multiple times over a span of a few years. Using professional Fluke network testers, you can download software in order to keep all the various test results and network tester information in one place, which makes it easier to manage the job. 



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