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Can Slim Patch Cable Be Used as a Regular Patch Cable?

The answer is “yes”. Slim patch cable is a thin ethernat cable that is used to connect two electronic or optical devices for carrying a variety of signals. (The slim patch cable in this article refers specifically to copper patch cable.)It is critical to the operation of electronic equipment and optical equipment. The slim patch cable, a cost-effective and easy network upgrade, is 40% thinner than other Ethernet cables, lending itself to use in tighter spaces. So how to define the “slim”? Generally, we describe Ethernet wire gauge with AWG, the acronym for American Wire Gauge. Slim patch cable is commonly constructed of 28 AWG or larger, while the regular patch cable is constructed of 24AWG.

In most cases, a patch cable can be the same thing in copper networks. The slim patch cable is thinner, which makes it more suitable for high density patching areas. It can not only reduces the congestion in the cabinets but improves airflow. Generally, higher ambient temperature will cause more problems. If the ambient temperature is not abnormally high, there should be no problem using slim patch cable to meet your patch cord needs.



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