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Fiber Optic Cable Fire Rating

Typically, there are eight levels of fire resistance for both non-conductive and conductive cables specified by NEC (National Electrical Code). All indoor fiber optic cables must be marked and installed properly for its intended use: plenums, risers and general purpose areas.


(1) A Plenum area is a building space used for air flow or air distribution system (drop ceiling and raised floors).

(2) A Riser area is a floor opening, shaft or duct that runs vertically through one or more floors.

(3) A general purpose area is all other area that is not plenum or riser and on the same floor.

NEC CodeDescriptionCable ApplicationPossible Substitute
OFNPOptical Fiber Non-conductive Plenum CablePlenum, overhead, fiber only/
OFCPOptical Fiber Conductive Plenum CablePlenum, overhead, hybrid (fiber/wire)/
OFNROptical Fiber Nonconductive Rise CableRiser, backbone, fiber onlyOFNP
OFCROptical Fiber Conductive Rise CableRiser, backbone, hybridOFCP
OFNGOptical Fiber Nonconductive General-PurposeGeneral purpose, horizontalOFNP, OFNR
OFCGOptical Fiber Conductive General-PurposeGeneral purpose/
OFNOptical Fiber NonconductiveGeneral purpose, horizontal, fiber onlyOFNP, OFNR
OFCOptical Fiber ConductiveGeneral purpose, horizontal, hybridOFCP, OFCR



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