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Fiber Optic Cable Storage Requirements

There are four main requirements listed below one should pay attention to when storing fiber optic cables. These requirements matter a lot for the whole performance of the optical cables.

Store with seals: always keep the reel seal/tag that comes with the cable. There is vital information on the tag which indicates the cable description, attenuation, bandwidth and cable length. All these are valid identification of the fiber optic cable for future traceability.

Keep the drum stressed uniformly on a level and firm surface: store fiber optic cable drum/reel standing on both flanges on a level and firm surface. Never store a cable reel sitting on one flange surface, which will result in possible future cable damage when unwinding.

Keep the protective end-caps on the fiber cable: make sure to keep the protective end-caps on the cable. The end caps are designed to prevent the ingress of moisture into the end of the cable. They protect the most sensitive part of the fiber assemblies. Once removed, the core of the cable will be exposed to the contaminants in the environment surrounding it, which increases the risk of fiber scratching and pitting.

Don’t exceed the minimum bending radius while changing reels: once rewind the fiber optic cable to another reel, the diameter of the new reel should be not less than the minimum bending radius of the cable. And the original cable label details should be copied to the new reel.



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