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Flat Cat6 Cable or Round Cat6 Cable

What Is Flat Cat6 Cable?

The flat Ethernet Cat6 cable is a flat form of copper wire with twisted pairs arranged side by side rather than square shape. Most of the Ethernet cables are unshielded because it’s very difficult to place an overall shield on a flat Ethernet cable. This makes external EMI protection of flat Ethernet cable not readily available. Since they lack insulation and shielding, they’re more inexpensive, lighter, and roll up or package much easier than round cables.

What Is Round Cat6 Cable?

The round Cat6 Ethernet cable is round form insulated wire that contains some layers of filler substances to keep the original circular shape. It helps in minimizing the heating because of friction. These filler materials protect the cord against some outer elements. Round cables can isolate any heat generated by the internal wires and protect them from small shocks and elements. They are commonly used in data centers, places that require longer cable lengths, or situations that require Ethernet cables to pass through walls.

Round Cat6 VS flat Cat6



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