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How to Identify the Fiber Color Code?

Outer Jacket Color Code

Colored outer jackets or print may be used on outside plant and premises fiber cables, e.g., fiber distribution cables, fiber optic patch cords, etc. In EIA/TIA-598, the fiber color code defines the jacket color codes for different fiber types. So for optical fiber cable that contains only one type of fiber we can easily identify it by its jacket color; unless otherwise specified, the outer jacket of premises cable containing more than one fiber type shall use a printed legend to identify the quantities and types of fibers within the cable, for example “12 Fiber 8 x 50/125, 4 x 62.5/125.” Here are the jacket color codes for different fiber types:

Besides the jacket colors specified in fiber color code standard, other colors may also be used if the print on the outer jacket can tell the fiber classifications. Such colors should be agreed upon between manufacturer and user.

Connector Color Code

Connectors are also a part of the fiber color code. Since there are different polish styles of fiber end-face, the connectors of fiber jumpers and the mating adapters are color coded for identification. However, the advent of metallic connectors like the FC and ST made connector color coding difficult, so colored strain relief boots are also used. The boot color may vary among manufacturers.



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