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How to Reduce Losses in Optical Fiber

In order to ensure the output power can be within the sensitivity of the receiver and leave enough margin for the performance degradation with the time, it is an essential issue to reduce the losses in optical fiber. Here are some common approaches in fiber link design and installation.

Make sure to adapt the high-quality cables with same properties as much as possible.

Choose qualified connectors as much as possible. Make sure that the insertion loss should be lower than 0.3dB and the additional loss should be lower than 0.2dB.

Try to use the entire disc to configure (single disc more than 500 meters) in order to minimize the number of joints.

During splicing, strictly follow the processing and environment requirements.

The connecting joints must have excellent patch and closed coupling so that can prevent the light leakage.

Make sure of the cleanliness of the connectors.

Choose the best route and methods to lay the fiber cables during design the construction.

Select and form a qualified construction team to guarantee the quality of the construction.

Strengthen the protection work, especially lightning protection, electrical protection, anti-corrosion and anti mechanical damage.

Use high quality heat-shrinkable tube.



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