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How to Reduce the Loss of Fiber Connectors?

Adopting the well-tested and high-quality connectors may help the network installers to deliver high-speed connections that perform well over the long term. Here are some tips for you to optimize the value of the insertion/return losses:

  • Keep all the fiber connectors clean, especially before and after the installation and testing. Using the proper tools to clean the connector ferrules.
  • Minimize the number of tight bends, coils, splices, and connectors, which may cause light to refract through the fiber cladding. If coil fiber is required, then keep the radius as large as possible.
  • Utilize factory terminated cabling. These terminations are made under stringent guidelines and typically include a manufacturer warranty.
  • Make a wise budget decision: your “power loss” budget or your cable inventory budget. Purchasing cheap fiber optic cables with the poor quality may bring larger costs further down the line.



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