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Multimode Fiber Connectors Types

There are many multimode fiber connector types in circulation such as ST, SC, FC, LC, MU, E2000, MTRJ, SMA, DIN as well as MTP & MPO etc. The most commonly used fiber optic connector types include ST, SC, FC and LC. Each one has its own advantages, disadvantages, and capabilities. So what are the differences and what do they mean to your implementation? This table of common multimode fiber connectors gives an overview of strengths and weaknesses. 

MMF ConnectorFerrule SizeTypical Insertion Loss (dB)Application Features
SCφ2.5mm ceramic0.25-0.5Mainstream, reliable, fast deployment, filed fit
LCφ1.25mm ceramic0.25-0.5High density, cost-effective,filed fit
FCφ2.5mm ceramic0.25-0.5High precision, vibration environment, field fit
STφ2.5mm ceramic0.25-0.5Military, filed fit



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