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Naming method of fiber optical cable type

GY — outdoor fiber optical cable for communication; GJ — indoor fiber optical cable; MG – fiber optical cable for coal mine use

Type of stiffener

(No model) — metal reinforced member; F — Non-metallic strengthening members

Structural features

D — Fiber band structure; (unsigned) — loose sleeve stranded structure; X — center tube structure; G — skeleton structure; T — filled; Z — Flame retardant structure; C8 — 8 type self – bearing structure


Y — polyethylene protective layer; W – entrain steel wire – polyethylene bonding layer; S – steel – polyethylene bonding layer; A – aluminum – polyethylene bonding layer; V — PVC sheath

Outer sheath

53 – Corrugated steel strip longitudinal sheathed polyethylene sheath; 23 – Wrapped steel tape armored polyethylene sheath; 33 – Fine steel wire wrapped sheathed polyethylene sheath; 43 – Thick steel wire wrapped sheathed polyethylene sheath; 333 — Double layer thin wire wrapped sheathed polyethylene sheath



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