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Safety Requirements After Fiber Optic Cable Storage

For safety concern, there are many aspects one should pay attention to when handing with the fiber optic cable. Here are several main requirements.

  • Wear disposable aprons to minimize fiber particles on your clothing and keep all food and beverages out of the work area. If fiber particles are ingested they can cause internal hemorrhaging.
  • Always wear safety glasses with side shields, suitable safety helmet, safety belts and protective gloves. Do not touch your eyes while working with fiber optic systems.
  • Never look directly through the end of fiber cables unless there is no light source at the other end.
  • Only work in well-ventilated areas and do not smoke while working with fiber optic systems.
  • Wash your hands carefully after working with fiber optic cables.
  • Don’t use isopropyl alcohol as a cleaner as it is flammable.



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