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Simplex Fiber Optic Cables

A simplex fiber optic cable consists of one single strand of glass of plastic fiber and one single outer jacket. Simplex fiber is most often used for applications that only require one-way data transfer. Digital data readouts, interstate highway sensor relays, and automated speed and boundary sensors (for sports application) are all great uses of simplex fiber optic cable. In simplex fiber optic network, there are available in simplex single mode and simplex multimode fiber optic cable (eg: 62.5/125 OM1 fiber and 50/125 OM2 fiber). Single mode simplex fiber patch cable is a great option for setting up a cable network that will require data to travel in one direction over long distances. Since this simplex optical fiber cable only carries one ray of light at a time, it’s better for long-distance transmissions. The simplex multimode fiber has a larger diameter core that effectively allows multiple modes of light to propagate. The number of light reflection is created due to a larger diameter. The core of a single mode simplex optic patch cord is 8 to 10 microns, while a multimode simplex optic patch cord is either 50 or 62.5 microns. More data passes through the multimode fiber at a given point in time. The quality of the signal is reduced over long distances due to high dispersion and attenuation rate with this type of fiber. Multimode fiber is used for short distance data transmission purposes.

Simplex Fiber Optic Cable



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