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The Bandwidth and Window of Fiber Optic Cable in Application

For intelligent building, the mainly adopted fiber optic cable are multi-mode optical cable which supports short distance transmission, such as multi-mode optical fiber cable that operates at 850nm or 1300nm with LED as the light source, or multi-mode optical fiber cable working at 850nm with VCSEL laser. Single-mode fiber optic cable is often adopted in buildings that with a longer distance to each other.

Intelligent building applications, fiber optic cable is often close to support multi-mode-based, such as multi-mode fiber optic cable with the emission wavelength of 850nm or 1300nm LED light source, or 850nm VCSEL laser wavelength. Single-mode used in long distance system buildings, single-mode fiber optic cable with emission wavelength 1310nm or 1550nm FP or DFB laser, means that most of the fiber optic cable is only open a window. Single-mode fiber optic cable works together with FP or DFB which transmit wavelength of 1310nm or 1550nm. That’s to say most optical cable only open one window.



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