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What Does LC Connector Feature?

What features does an LC connector have to keep itself maintain in the marketplace? Owing to the different applications and manufacturers’ preference, not all the LC connectors are created the same. However, there are still some general features that LC connectors have:

  • Small form factor:LC connector is half the dimension of regular connectors such as SC, FC, and ST connectors. The compact and fool-proof design enables LC connectors to be deployed in high-density applications.
  • Low insertion loss performance: The LC connector has six-position tuning feature to achieve very low insertion loss performance by optimizing the alignment of the fiber cores.
  • Available in single piece type or multi-piece type: LC connector can be supplied as a pre-assembled one-piece connector or as a multi-piece connector. The pre-assembled connector is able to reduce assembly time for on-site installation while the multi-piece connector is more suitable for factory assembly.



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