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ITU-T G.651.1 – 50/125µm Graded-Index Multimode Fiber for FTTH Systems

ITU-T G.651.1 was developed based on the ITU-T G.651 standard which was withdrawn in 2008. It defines the 50/125µm graded-index multimode fiber used in the region of 850nm band or 1300nm band, or alternatively may be used in both wavelength regions simultaneously. As shown in the following table, this fiber features a 15mm bend radius. Since there is no other multimode fiber that defines a tighter bend radius performance, this fiber can be deemed as a bend-insensitive multimode fiber. Recently, G.651.1 fiber is mainly applied for multi-tenant / dwelling buildings in FTTH networks, as well as functions in enterprise networks, such as the Fiber to the Zone (FTTZ) architecture.



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