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Key Features of Fiber Optic Connectors

The key characteristics of the fiber connectors include optical properties, interchangeability, repeatability, reliability, insertion times, etc.

  • Optical Properties: insertion loss and return loss are the two main parameters for the optical properties. The lower the insertion loss value, the better. Normally, a qualified connector should keep the insertion loss value below 0.5dB. Contrariwise, a higher return loss will indicate better performance of the connector. The typical value of the connector’s return loss should not be less than 25dB, while practically not less than 45dB on account of the polishing process.
  • Interchangeability and Repeatability: Fiber optic connectors are universal passive devices, the fiber connector of the same type, can be used in any combination and can be used repeatedly.
  • High reliability: Outside plant applications may require fiber connectors to be located underground or outdoor walls. High-reliability fiber connectors are needed in these harsh environments to make sure of smooth optical transmission.
  • Utilization Rate: Can be plugged more than 1,000 times generally. Therefore, a fiber connector that is easy to use will help users save lots of installation time and improve working efficiency.



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