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The Benefits of a Structured Cabling System

Below is a list of five major reasons to consider investing in a structured cabling system:

  1. Cost effective: Organized cabling systems reduce power costs, maintenance costs, and eliminate the time wasted while trying to locate and correct issues.
  2. Flexible and scalable: With a structured cabling system, moves, adds, and changes can be quickly and easily handled.
  3. Future proofing: Structured cabling has the high bandwidth that is a vital component to any company’s growth. This system will not become outdated and will be able to support new applications as a business expands.
  4. Reduces downtime risk: Messy, disorganized cabling structures lead to high incidents of human error. These mistakes cause work disruption and costly downtime. A well-organized cabling system makes it much easier to identify and fix any problems.
  5. Simple: Structured cabling systems are pretty straightforward—all office devices and IT equipment run on one single system.



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