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Tips for Proper Network Cable Management in Data Center

Superior network cable management is imperative with today’s data center packed to capacity with a mix of equipment. So to attain efficient cable management, you’d better perform the following steps.

Start with proper planning: Decide the number of cabling and connections needed, and where the cables should be routed within the rack. Moreover, we’d better consider planning ahead for installing additional cabinets, servers and network components.

Follow industry standards: Follow industry guidelines such as ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC, as well as any federal, state or local regulations regarding cabling. A standards-based cabling system will provide the best combination of reliability today and agility in the future.

Choose Cable Management Tools: choose the proper cable management tools required to guarantee all the wiring and connections performing well. It is vital to make sure that enough space is offered to all the cables applied in your system.



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