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Data Center Cabling Standards

Industry cabling stands for data centers is to ensure safety and provide the basis for building an integrated infrastructure. At the same time, they also offer guidelines for maintaining high-levels of cable performance for the next several years. There are a number of data center standards for cabling. Here are the three common ones.

Cabling Standard TypeFunction
ANSI/TIA-942This standard outlines the functional areas specific to the data center and provides a minimum recommendation for pathway and space, distance between the backbone and the horizontal cable medium, redundancy, cable management and environmental considerations.
ISO/IEC 24764Based on TIA-942 and EN 50173-5, this international standard specifies the cabling used in the data center. We refer to ISO/IEC 11801 and add information related to data center.
ANSI/BICSI 002-2014This standard provides guidelines for data center design and operation. It covers planning, construction, commissioning, protection, management and maintenance of the data center, as well as cabling infrastructure, pathways and spaces. It also covers modular data center, container type data center, and energy efficiency, and also describes its own availability class structure for determining reliability.



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